Quantum Biofeedback communicates subtle frequencies to the body reducing stress physically, mentally and emotionally.


Our bodies are electromagnetic, and when supported with The LIFE System, they can do what they were designed to do – heal.


The LIFE System can be used to address the needs of children with learning disabilities, speech difficulties, behavior disorders, focus issues, sleep disturbances, emotional stress and many other childhood imbalances.

In our bodies, a flow of energy connects every cell, every organ, every thought and every emotion. The ease or the interference of this flow of energy reflects the profound system of communication that comprises body – mind intelligence.

Children rely on this balance even more heavily as they are not yet aware of these systems. Even as adults, stress is a complicated physical and emotional response that we struggle to control, and which can often interfere with our ability to live to our fullest potential.

Offering a non-invasive, drug-free approach, The LIFE System works with the body to establish balance through FDA-Registered Stress Relief.

Quantum Biofeedback with The LIFE System is an ongoing training process that allows the body to break free from internal and environmental stress, activating the immune system and offering a plethora of health benefits.

After using The LIFE System, families have shared with us that their children are able to navigate the world with greater tolerance to their environment and are able to achieve levels of relaxation previously unknown, unlocking tremendous positive outcomes in their lives.

Evan Schulte

Lotus LIFE Owner & Director of Education

“I had a dramatic experience with a young boy with autism who came to Lotus Stress Relief for in person sessions over the years. He was non-verbal when we first began and we saw positive improvements with him. He showed improvements in school with focus, getting along with other students and not crying.

His communication opened up in the 3 year time frame (age 6 to 9) that he was doing sessions. His mother told me that his communication was better, but he was still stubborn.. some aspects are personality!

I had DVDs for him to watch during the sessions, he was relatively well behaved in the therapy chair and liked his sessions.

What really amazed his mother was one morning after his biofeedback session they were driving together in the car, and his mother put on a chanting CD and for the first time he joined in song and chanted with her! She was absolutely delighted with his progress!

These are a few of her direct comments from my notes regarding sessions with her son.

“From non-verbal to making requests. Speech improving. Seeing progress, he is not hitting himself. Happy, talking more. Chanting, full sentences more often. He is doing well.

Definitely seeing progress; less obsessive, talking about safety. Following instructions well. Communicating and focused. Stubbornness better. We’ve seen a lot of progress this year, I thank you.”


“Training with Lotus Stress Relief was and still IS an amazing experience. The love and care that they put into the teaching made it a life changing journey.”

Frank Spaldo

New York, USA

“Even before completing the basic training, the easy navigation of the LIFE System allowed me to make major positive improvement with not only myself, but also my horses and dogs. Thank you.”

Kali Olsen

Colorado, USA

“I’m so excited to reach out to my clients with this information helping them with quality of life!”

Donna Corbett Lewis

Colorado, USA

Safe, portable, and easy-to-use,

The LIFE System is the ultimate tool for modern wellness.

The LIFE System comes as a complete system with user interface, software, and harnesses providing the accessibility to ongoing stress-reduction therapy at your fingertips.

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