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Children with Special Needs

Evan Schulte, Lotus LIFE System Master Practitioner and Director of Training & Education, shares a special LIFE experience:


I had a dramatic experience with a young boy with autism who came to Lotus Stress Relief for in person sessions over the years. He was non-verbal when we first began.

His communication opened up in the 3 year time frame (age 6 to 9) that he was doing sessions. I had DVDs for him to watch during the sessions, he was relatively well behaved in the therapy chair and liked his sessions.

His mother told me that his communication was better, but he was still stubborn.. some aspects are personality! He showed improvements in school with focus, getting along with other students, and not crying.




I was diagnosed with PTSD. It seemed that any stress that came up in my life hindered my recovery. My symptoms were so severe that I spent most of my time isolated. My husband and I had no quality of life. I was always so irritated and angry to my family and friends and even to ones I didn’t know. I felt as though it was best to stay inside away from people. So for years my husband and I have had little quality of life.
I suffered from insomnia and if I did fall asleep I was haunted by nightmares and memories. I visited many doctors who only wanted to put me on medication, but out of desperation I took them and I sought out counseling but nothing brought me out of that slump. I was certain I would die, from the stress of PTSD. I came off the psych medication which complicated my problems. My husband had to cook and do all the house hold chores and take care of most of my personal needs.
Then one day a friend of mine recommended biofeedback. I called and scheduled an appointment. On my first session I learned more about myself than I EVER new. I learned more about myself than any doctor or psychologist I had EVER seen. I noticed a big difference after just three sessions. Then Covid-19 hit and I was no longer able to see this biofeedback Technician. That’s when I decided to purchase my own life system.
I’m pleased to say that my anger is completely gone. No more aggression. I feel totally at peace and my insomnia has improved. I actually feel better than I have felt in my entire life. My husband is thrilled and tells everyone that knows us, “I finally have my wife back” I’ve learned the power of the mind.
A French psychologist named Emile Coue found it powerful to recite the affirmation, “Every day in every way, I am Getting better and better.” Those words are imbedded in my mind. Because of my disability I was forced to leave my job. But happily I have my own biofeedback business and am excited to help others with PTSD and other debilitating diseases.
I never new what it meant to be happy. But I do now!
Mea S., Knoxville, TN